Facebook Page Management

Facebook Page Management

WDPJ Media provide a Facebook page management service for your business. We understand that it can be difficult to keep on top of your social media accounts and you may find that you aren’t getting the best out of your Facebook business page.

Lasting relationships are the core of Facebook marketing that your business, as well as the customer, can benefit from. In order to build and strengthen these relationships there needs to be regular and meaningful interaction between the business and the customer. Your Facebook page is your representative on the social networking site. WDPJ Media will provide a facebook page management plan that will:

  • Create brand awareness among users of the page
  • Engage them in meaningful conversation
  • Enable you to share relevant and useful information
  • Create an interest among the audience about your product or service
  • Showcase your expertise and win the customers’ trust
  • Divert traffic to your website

Facebook Page Management services include:

  • Visitor interactions such as comments, reviews, visitors posts and messages.
  • Liking other pages and sharing posts by followers and other Facebook pages.
  • Customer Enquiries.
  • Adding & Removing Products & Services to & from your Facebook Shop/Service Page.
  • Creating & managing Facebook Events.
  • Creating & managing Facebook Offers.
  • Creating & managing Competitions.
  • Interacting with your Suppliers & Clients Facebook Pages.


Our Facebook page management service gives you a high intensity social media presence that includes daily posts and a quick response process, that includes weekends.


We design and create engaging social posts that interact with your key audiences. We also include content from your website, blog posts, news and spontaneous activity!


Our facebook page management campaigns improve your businesses online presence with increased website traffic, followers and engagement.


Unlimited communication throughout the service regarding enquiries and progress reporting. Outsourcing to WDPJ Media maximises your presence on Facebook and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your social media presence.

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