When you’ve purchased your brand new desktop or laptop computer, you want to ensure that it is setup correctly your own specifications. We can do this for you ensuring that the latest software has been installed and that all aspects of your new computer are up and running properly.

Have you got a virus or malware on your computer? Not sure if you’re antivirus software is up to date? We are experts at clearing viruses from your PC or laptop and can install the latest antivirus software.

If you’re having problems with sending / receiving emails, setting up your emails on a third party client, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, or adding your email accounts to multiple devices, such as a mobile or tablet, then we can help.

Are you experiencing a slow computer? Is it taking longer to start? Programs taking longer to load? We can get your computer back up and running at full speed, like it was when it was new.

Experiencing problems with your internet? Intermittent connection, slow speeds, unsure which internet provider is best for your needs? We can give advice and help you get on-line and fix any internet connection problems.

Having problems with software on your computer? Not sure which software you need or which is best for your needs? We can offer advice on the best software, identify any software probelms and fix any software issues with your computer.

Having difficulties setting up a new router, adding multiple devices to your wifi network or not able to get wifi in certain areas of your home / office? We can help with all your wifi, router or network problems.

Looking to upgrade your computer but don’t want to buy a new one? We can help you upgrade your current desktop or laptop by adding additional RAM, Hard drives and software. Contact us to find out more.

Make sure you’re safe and protected when online. We spend a lot of time online on various devices, it’s important to make sure that you and your family / office is protected from online threats. We can help protect against online threats such as viruses, parental control, ransomware and access.